Yellow River Granite Yellow Polished Slabs


Product Detail:

Product Name:Yellow River Granite Countertops
Main Products Granite Countertop,Kitchen Countertop, Island top,  Bathroom Vanity top,Work top,Coffee Table and Bar Top
Material 100% Natural Granite
Popular size Kitchen Countertop 24″x96″-108″, 26″x96″-108″, 28″x96″-108″, 28″x96″-108″, etc.
Countertop Peninsula 36″/39″/28″ x 78″, etc.
Countertop Island: 36″x84″, 36″x96″, 36″x108″, etc.
Countertop Snack Bar 12″x96″, 16″x96″, 108″x18″, etc.
Bar top 96″x13″-24″
Bathroom Vanity top 25″X22″ ,31″x22″, 37″X22″ , 49″X22 ,61″X22″  with /without Ceramic sink., etc.
Thickness: 3/4″, 1 1/5″, 2cm ,2.5cm, 2cm+2cm, 3cm etc.
Chinese Granite: Tiger Skin White, Tiger Skin Yellow, G682 Sunset Gold, Shanxi Black, G603 Crystal White, G640 Luna Pearl, G664 Bainbrook Brown, Spary White, Seawave Green



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